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The 3-year course will cover the following subjects through six departments.

  1. Biblical Studies

Co-ordinator: Neil Pfeiffer
  • Doctrine of Scripture
  • Old and New Testament Introduction
  • Hermeneutics
  • Old and New Testament Exegesis
  1. Church History

Co-ordinator: Roland Burrows
  • Church History
  • History and Theology of Revival
  1. Systematic Theology

Co-ordinator: Malcolm H. Watts
  • Reformed Systematics
  • Reformed Confessions
  • Reformed Worship
  • Covenant Theology
  1. Preaching

Co-ordinator: John Saunders
  • Homiletics
  • Biblical Evangelism and Missions
  1. Biblical Languages

Coordinator: Simon Green
  • Greek and Hebrew Courses
  • Language Tools
  1. Pastoral Ministry

Co-ordinator: David Kay
  • Public Ministry
  • Pastoral/Biblical Counselling
  • Practical Ministry Issues
  • Apologetics
  • Ethics

Pastoral Co-ordinator between Seminary and Local Church

Dewi Higham