Seminary Report Dec 2021

SRS update 15, Dec. 2021 (PDF colour download)

After Lockdown

Although some restrictions remained after lockdown, we were glad when the students and lecturers were able to meet again at Grove House. Lecturers, all of whom are or were Pastors, can interact with the students. Students can learn from their experience in the ministry, in lectures and as they have fellowship with them. This is a positive aspect of the Seminary course. We thank God for being “kept” during this difficult time.

A Further Milestone

At the end of this year, the second group of students finished their three-year course at the Seminary. God willing, the Graduation Meeting for Peter Bruce and Daniel Tribe will take place on January 3rd 2022, at which Dr. David Allen will be the speaker. We thank God for these students and pray the Lord will guide them in their future service to Him. Please pray for the other students as they continue their studies.

Open Study Day

This year, the Open Study Day was combined with the Graduation Meeting for the first two students to graduate, due to the lockdown restrictions in January. The 2022 Open Study Day will take place, God willing, on Saturday May 28th. Pastor Chris Hand will be the speaker. 2022 Timetable A copy of the planned 2022 timetable is included overleaf.

Comments from leaving Students at the Graduation Meeting 2021:

Kevin Armstrong thanked everyone at the Seminary for all he had learned, and how the glorious things of God’s word had become clearer to him. Not only so, but also for the deepening sense of God he had received, and the assurance that the Lord would be with him in his future ministry.

Alex Clarke testified to how his understanding and experience had been enlarged by the Seminary course. The Lord had wonderfully helped him to complete the course and he had found it the “green pastures” of God’s word (Psalm 23:2). He thanked everybody at the Seminary for their help and encouragement. Alex had benefited so much from the course that he declared that he would “like to start all over again”!