Q What qualifications do you need to attend the Seminary?
A The main requirements are that a man needs to be saved by the grace of God and that he is called into the ministry. The call needs to be supported by the local church.

Q Does the course lead to a degree eg. BA or MA, BTh or MTh?
A The course is specifically designed to prepare men for the ministry. It does not lead to a degree.

Q Can I study at Salisbury Reformed Seminary if I do not live in the UK?
A The Seminary cannot arrange for visas or provide support for men from overseas.

Q Are students required to live in Salisbury during the course?
A No, you do not need to live in Salisbury. However, there are two full weeks of study in a year and ten weekends (Friday and Saturday) when students need to be in Salisbury to attend lectures.

Q Can I continue working in my job during my time in the Seminary?
A Yes, it is possible to maintain employment but also to follow the course. You will need to book annual leave in order to attend the study sessions in Salisbury. However, the course is also suitable for those who are able to commit to it full-time.

Q Is there a way of obtaining financial assistance?
A Yes, students can apply for a bursary that would cover the annual fees and provide some help towards expenses.