Preparatory Reading List

The following books are recommended for prayerful reading prior to the commencement of studies at Salisbury Reformed Seminary:


General Reading and Bibliology

  • Affirmation 2010 (OnlineFree Order)
  • Profiting from the Word, Arthur W. Pink (Online, Order)
  • Detailed Recommended Reading for Each Subject, SRS Lecturers (PDF)

Church History

  • Sketches of Church HistoryS. M. Houghton (Order)

Preaching & Pastoral Theology

  • What is a Reformed church?, Malcolm H. Watts (Order)


  • The Shorter Catechism, (Online)
  • The Larger Catechism, (Online)
  • Summary of Christian Doctrine, Louis Berkhof (Online, Order)

Apologetics and Evangelism

  • The Soul Winner, Charles H. Spurgeon, (Online, Order)

Original Languages

  • The Minister and his Greek New Testament, A.T. Robertson – chapters 1, 7-9, 11 and the “Afterword” (Online, Order)
  • [Essential English Grammar (Philip Gucker), a book not necessary to read just now but good to have in possession at the start of the course, (Online older public domain version, Order)]

Online Audio Recommendations

  • Training for the Ministry, Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Online)