PDF with Photo Report – SRS update 16, Feb. 2022

Another landmark!

There was another landmark for the Salisbury Reformed Seminary on January 3rd 2022 when a number of friends gathered for the second Graduation Meeting.  The graduating students, Peter Bruce and Daniel Tribe, completed the three-year course in December 2021.

Malcolm Watts, the Seminary Principal, said he thanked God that Covid had not halted the work.  He referred to Deuteronomy 31 v.6 “He will not fail thee …”.  The children of God had the assurance that God would be with them, in whatever lay ahead.  We have that assurance too, for God is faithful and dependable; we see the outworking of His purposes, His will and His promises.  The Lord had blessed the teaching, and His presence had been felt in the lectures: we can do without many things, but we cannot manage without the presence of God.  We need the Spirit of God to work in our midst.  The Seminary will face problems, but we have the assurance that God will not fail us, for it is His work.

After the presentation, the students spoke:

Peter Bruce stated that the three years had been challenging but also fulfilling and he had profited by them.  He felt he had been equipped to be a minister of the Gospel and it had been a great privilege to attend the Seminary.

Daniel Tribe, too, expressed his appreciation of being able to study at the Seminary.  They had been challenged about living godly lives, in preparation for declaring the Word of God.  He was grateful to the lecturers for the training he had received and the emphasis on heart religion.

Dr. David Allen then preached powerfully and helpfully.  He encouraged those present to pray to the Lord to “send forth labourers into his harvest” in these dark days.  After reading 1 Timothy 4 v.1-16, he emphasised that the gospel minister should have his back to the world and his face toward Heaven whilst working in the business of reaching souls going to a lost eternity.  It was the highest calling.

The Seminary cannot make preachers, but it can help to refine and develop God-given gifts.  Ministers need to “stir up the gift of God” in them and not neglect it.  One of the greatest difficulties faced by a minister is the minister himself, so Paul says to Timothy, “Take heed unto thyself.”  Ministers should be careful about their use of time, live holy lives and speak from a heart that is aware of the holiness of God.  They need to declare and present Christ in all His glory.  They should persevere, keeping to “the old paths” and holding to the Biblical truths.  Ministers of God should be faithful, declaring the Word of God for the Lord says, “Feed my sheep.”

Please pray:

For these men in their future service to the Lord.  Also, please remember the students who are still studying at the Seminary.