SRS Open Lecture Day Report 2022

Open Lecture Day Report December 2022 The Seminary held its first Open Lecture Day in November. We thank God that twelve men were able to join the students for the lectures. Some attended because they were interested in the Seminary, and we trust they will share in our vision for the work; others came who [...]

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SRS Open Lecture Day

SRS Open Lecture Day October 2022 Opportunity for men interested and supportive of the Seminary to join the students for our Open Lecture Day on Saturday 5th November at Grove House, 18 Wilton Road, Salisbury SP2 7EE. We want men to share in the vision of this most important work. It may well be that [...]

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SRS Update July 2022

SRS Update July 2022 Open Day Day The Seminary is planning to hold an Open Lecture Day on the second day of its November Seminary weekend. Men who feel called to the ministry, are considering the ministry or are supportive of the Seminary would be welcome to join the students for their lectures on Saturday [...]

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SRS Report Update & Open Day – April 2022

SRS Report Update & Open Day - April 2022 PDF with Photo Report - SRS Report Update & Open Day - April 2022 Open Day We are grateful to the Lord that we were able to hold the second graduation of students from the Seminary in January this year, at which we were able to welcome [...]

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SRS Report Update 16 Feb 2022

PDF with Photo Report - SRS update 16, Feb. 2022 Another landmark! There was another landmark for the Salisbury Reformed Seminary on January 3rd 2022 when a number of friends gathered for the second Graduation Meeting.  The graduating students, Peter Bruce and Daniel Tribe, completed the three-year course in December 2021. Malcolm Watts, the Seminary [...]

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SRS Report Update Dec 2021

Seminary Report Dec 2021 SRS update 15, Dec. 2021 (PDF colour download) After Lockdown Although some restrictions remained after lockdown, we were glad when the students and lecturers were able to meet again at Grove House. Lecturers, all of whom are or were Pastors, can interact with the students. Students can learn from their experience [...]

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Seminary Lectures

We thank God that we are now able to hold lectures again in Grove House, Salisbury. It is good for the students to have fellowship and to be able to interact with the Pastors who are lecturing. There are some constraints, knowing that Covid still provides a threat, but there is some semblance of normality! Three of the [...]

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Seminary Special Report July 2021

PDF download of the report with photos A Landmark – The First Seminary Graduation Saturday 3rd July was a landmark event for the trustees, lecturers and students at the Salisbury Reformed Seminary.  This was the occasion of the Seminary’s first graduation of students.  Messrs Kevin Armstrong and Alex Clarke had completed their three-year course and [...]

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